Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Damage: S'Mac, Cozy Soup + Burger

2.22.08 - 2.24.08. Snow day! The snow closed the office, so lucky me got to work from home. Tried to grab a bite at Soba Totto but they were closed (due to the snow?) so ended up at the place next door... I forget the name but basically another soba spot where I got salmon sashimi and roe over sushi rice with a bowl of soba in warm broth on the side. Delish. After an excellent massage at my favorite budget massage salon (which will remain unnamed, but I will mention that I love how it's a block away from where I live in Midtown East!)---they really work the kinks out--- grabbed S'Mac for the first time ever before catching Be Kind Rewind at Village East. I had the La Mancha --- Mac & Cheese with Manchego, roasted fennel and caramelized onions, for being meatless (Good Friday yet again!), it was pretty damn good. Be Kind was funny, not as funny as I had hoped, but still worth a few good chuckles.

No big meals on Saturday, bag lunches up at the Mountain during a day of snowboarding and when I got home leftover S'Mac, which I was really excited about (the crusty breadcrumb topping still delicious even reheated!).

Sunday was spent watching 6 hours of TV (mainly Project Runway and No Reservations on the Travel Channel- a rerun of Tony Bourdain in Peru) while recovering from the aftermath of friend's bday party Saturday night. I couldn't motivate myself to conjure up a proper meal, instead, survived on whatever I had in the house- a PB&J sandwich, an orange, and a stick of string cheese. When I finally emerged from my cave, grabbed half a bacon cheddar burger from Cozy (shared with the beau), finished it, then decided that maybe I was hungrier than I thought (either that or Cozy burgers just seemed more intimidating when I was an undergrad). I ordered a chicken quesadilla for 'dessert' and scarfed down a majority, upon which the beau deemed me a 'machine'. I'm not ashamed!

Soba Totto
211 E 43rd St
New York, NY 10017
No website.

345 E 12th St
New York, NY 10003

Cozy Soup & Burger
739 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
Cozy Soup & Burger on

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