Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Sub That Sunk Me

Last night I fell asleep before American Idol (which is on at 8PM--- for those of you who are not Idol-Wild!). It was all due to a sandwich I'd made myself using the lemon chicken I'd grilled last night, swiss cheese, basil pesto and roasted red peppers. I popped the sub in the toaster oven (love that thing!) for 10 minutes or at 350 degrees, until the cheese became melted and gooey and the bread warm and and toasty. I was a little skeptical the swiss cheese would work in the sandwich (I would have used mozzarella if I'd had it on hand), and although I don't think it was ideal, it held the sandwich together without being too disruptive. The chicken was so lemony that it mostly overpowered the pesto; however, the sum of all parts satisfied--- I ended up devouring the entire thing. It sat warmly in my stomach, sinking me into dreams before prime time.

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