Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Damage: Forbidden City & RUB (Righteous Urban Barbeque)

No pics this weekend, my purse for the weekend being too small to hold anything but the essentials ;)

Friday night I almost went to Pizza Rustica for a quick slice after coming home late from work--- but ultimately decided I couldn't do it. I've been there on a number of occasions, and they have consistently disappointed me. I don't even expect much from them, and they can't even live up to that! There is always a line, it takes way too long for you to get even just a slice... the pizza is not even that great, even for $2. I peered into the window, took one look at the pizza, and as hungry as I was, I just couldn't do it this time. I settled for some really simple linguine with basil (courtesy of Trader Joe's, ready in minutes) and was glad I was able to hold out!

Saturday night had an event at Forbidden City - arrived starving and was jazzed to find out they also serve food--- small plates/dim sum-type dishes. We ordered the veggie spring roll, shrimp and spinach dumplings, beef shumai, and berkshire pork with bok choy. The spring roll was standard, dumplings and shumai decent (4 for $6- I was expecting 2), but the highlight for me was the pork (fatty and delicious, and definitely reminded me of grandpa's home cooking). Each plate was between $4 and $6, and entrees were also offered (like black cod with miso) for around $10-$12. Affordable, satisfying nosh, served at a bar, no less! I was impressed.

Sunday had dinner at RUB and went for the 2 meat plate (pulled pork and 'burnt ends'-'fattier part of the brisket smoked 18 hours until tender' according to the RUB website) with a quarter rack of St. Louis style ribs added, with cornbread and potato salad. The pulled pork was solid, the ribs tender and smoky, but my favorite had to be the burnt ends- fatty and melt-in-your-mouth delicious (that was the trend for this weekend, apparently)! The potato salad had a certain sweetness which set it apart from others which taste predominately mayo-y, and the cornbread was soft and moist. I was completely satisfied with the meal- we made significant progress on a plate consisting of 3 different meats- and between us (2) we spent about $16/pp after tax and tip, definitely worth it.

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