Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cheap Indian Food--- Cheap Because...You Can't Take It With You

Yesterday I had lunch with a work colleague; we ventured outside the office to a 'hidden' Indian restaurant on Greenwich Avenue. There is a lunch special where the plates range from about $6-$9. It's not what I would call exceptional, but for less than $10 and an excuse to diversify from the usual cafeteria fare, it's worth it. She had the saag paneer, I had the chicken saag (we weren't very adventurous, I admit); we ate about half of our entrees each and when we asked for doggy bags, we were denied. Our server said that they "don't wrap up for lunch", and that the reason they were able to offer lunch special prices was somehow attributed to the fact that they don't do doggy bags. How absurd is that?

If that's the case, next time I go, I am sharing a plate, and they will get only half my business. Less waste, plus more money in my pocket for tomorrow's lunch--- at the office cafeteria.

107 Greenwich Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830

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